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Is your teen struggling with a mental health crisis? OASIS Ascent offers more than just a safe haven. Our holistic mental health treatment programs empower teens with the skills they need to heal, thrive, and reach their full potential. Learn how we can help your family find hope and healing.

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Hope & Healing Empowering Teens & Families at OASIS Ascent

You're not alone. Many families face the difficult reality of a teenager struggling with mental health issues. At OASIS Ascent, we understand the complexities of these challenges and offer a comprehensive residential treatment program designed for lasting change.

Our holistic treatment program goes beyond providing temporary solutions. We meticulously assess your teen's situation, empower them with essential coping skills, and provide a launching platform for them to thrive emotionally, physically, and socially. With personalized treatment plans, dedicated therapists, and a focus on holistic wellness, OASIS Ascent equips your family with the tools you need to overcome your struggles and build a brighter future. Start your healing journey today.

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    Accredited by The Joint Commission

    Families trust us with what is most precious to them: their sons and daughters. We work hard to show we are worthy of that trust. That is why we earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™. The Joint Commission accreditation is a known indicator of quality and reliability. The Joint Commission certification shows your family that we provide services you can trust.

    OASIS Ascent's Teen Treatment Programs

    OASIS Ascent understands that every teen's journey is unique, which is why we offer a variety of programs to meet your family's specific needs, including residential treatment centers for both boys and girls, as well as a day treatment program.

    • Short-term Residential Treatment for Boys - Located in the heart of Utah Valley, Our residential treatment center provides a safe, nurturing environment specifically designed for teenage boys who are struggling with mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues. With around-the-clock care from experienced mental health professionals, personalized therapy, and life skills development, our program equips your son with the tools he needs to heal, grow, and thrive. Learn More About Residential Treatment for Teenage Boys.
    • Short-term Residential Treatment for Girls - Located in the Salt Lake Valley, OASIS Ascent’s residential treatment program offers a safe haven for teenage girls facing emotional challenges. We understand each girl's journey is unique, and our compassionate team provides personalized care to address the root causes of her struggles. In a supportive environment, she'll develop healthy coping skills and rebuild her confidence, all while surrounded by the care she needs to heal and emerge stronger. Learn More About Residential Treatment for Teenage Girls.
    • Day Treatment / Partial Hospitalization Program - OASIS Ascent's day treatment program offers a powerful solution for teens who need intensive mental health support but can keep themselves safe in the evenings and weekends. Day treatment is commonly utilized as a transitional program for teenagers who have recently completed residential treatment or undergone a psychiatric stay at a hospital.OASIS Ascent’s day treatment program provides intensive therapy and support, including individual, group, and family sessions, all while allowing your teen to maintain some sense of normalcy at home. Learn More About OASIS Ascent’s Day Treatment Program for Teens.

    How OASIS Ascent Helps Teens in Crisis

    When teens are in crisis or struggle with mental health disorders, it can be overwhelming for both teens and their families. That's why we offer a comprehensive approach to healing, focused on Observation, Assessment, Stabilization, and Intensive Support. Here's how OASIS Ascent can help your teen:

    • Observation: Our compassionate team closely monitors your teen's behavior and emotional state to gain a deeper understanding of their unique challenges.
    • Assessment: Through in-depth psychological, physical health, and academic evaluations, we'll work to identify the root causes of your teen's crisis and develop a personalized treatment plan.
    • Stabilization: In a safe and secure environment, we'll focus on immediate crisis intervention and emotional regulation techniques to ensure your teen's safety and well-being.
    • Intensive Support: Our team of therapists will provide individual, group, and family therapy sessions to address your teen's underlying issues and equip them with healthy coping mechanisms for lasting change. Our residential staff will then provide around-the-clock support when your teen is struggling. They provide encouragement and model the coping skills that your teen is learning.

    With a strong foundation built on observation, assessment, and stabilization, our team at OASIS Ascent can then effectively tailor a treatment plan through our clinical services, nursing and medical services, our therapeutic school, and residential student life.

    Does My Teen Need Treatment?

    Every teen’s strengths and challenges are different. Complete the no-obligation assessment to help us understand your family’s needs.

    What Other Families Say About Our Residential Treatment Centers for Teens

    Firsthand testimonials from families provide insight into the transformative potential of residential treatment centers. Hearing from other families who have journeyed through the same path can provide reassurance and hope.

    Our testimonials highlight the positive impact of OASIS's residential program on teens’ lives, reflecting the successful outcomes we strive for in our mission to help teens navigate their mental health challenges.

    OASIS Ascent Clinical Services

    Our dedicated team utilizes a comprehensive range of clinical services to create a personalized path towards healing for each teen. These services include:

    • Observation & Crisis Stabilization: Our compassionate staff closely monitors teens to ensure their safety and well-being, while implementing techniques to manage immediate crisis situations.
    • Comprehensive and Holistic Assessments: Through in-depth evaluations, we go beyond symptoms to understand the root causes of your teen's struggles, incorporating a holistic view of mental, emotional, physical, academic, and social factors.
    • Individualized Therapy for Teens: Our therapists tailor treatment plans that address each teen's unique needs. Each week your teen will have 3 total hours of individual and family therapy sessions. They will also participate in an additional 10-15 hours of group therapy. Through shared experiences and peer support, group therapy at OASIS Ascent helps teens combat isolation, build self-esteem, develop communication skills, and establish a supportive network.
    • Experiential Approach: We integrate experiential activities like art, movement, and recreational therapy to promote emotional expression, healthy coping skills, and personal growth.
    • DBT-Informed Program: Our program draws from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) principles, equipping teens with valuable skills in emotional regulation, mindfulness, distress tolerance, and interpersonal communication.
    • Family Therapy: Family involvement is crucial to your teen’s long-term success. Family therapy sessions provide support and guidance for families as they learn to navigate their teen's challenges and create a healthy home environment.

    Our extensive range of clinical services ensures that your teenager receives top-notch mental healthcare. This first step in that process is using comprehensive assessment to understand what is truly driving your teen's struggles.

    Comprehensive Assessments for Teens in Crisis

    In a mental health crisis, understanding the root causes is crucial. At OASIS Ascent, we go beyond the surface with a comprehensive assessment battery. This includes 24/7 observation by our team of mental health experts, a comprehensive psychological evaluation by a licensed psychologist experienced in diagnosing adolescent mental illness, and regular on-site psychiatric assessments with medication reviews by our psychiatrist.

    We then delve deeper with a biopsychosocial assessment to understand your teen's environment, social factors, and biological makeup. A physical exam explores any potential underlying medical conditions, while genetic testing personalizes medication approaches. We even assess sleep patterns, nutrition, self-care/life skills, and academic abilities. This thorough approach ensures we create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your teen's unique needs for lasting recovery.

    Music and Expressive Arts

    Nursing & Medical Services:

    Here at OASIS Ascent, our residential treatment center offers direct access to nursing care, guaranteeing that your teenager will receive uninterrupted support and attention to their physical well-being. But that's not all. Our medical team goes above and beyond by providing physical health exams and assessments, along with regular consultations with our psychiatrist. By working together, we can create a customized treatment plan that combines holistic therapy with medication, if necessary, to optimize your teenager's recovery process.

    Therapeutic School:

    We understand that a mental health crisis can take a toll on your teen's academic performance. At OASIS Ascent, our on-site therapeutic school isn't just about catching them up on missed work. Our licensed educators prioritize building a strong foundation for mental well-being, knowing that a healthy mind fosters academic success.

    We go beyond traditional curriculum to assess your teen's unique strengths and passions, fostering a love of learning that transcends the classroom. This personalized approach rebuilds confidence in their academic abilities, preparing them to re-enter their home school environment feeling empowered. They’re ready to thrive both in school and life outside of school.


    Student Life:

    Beyond the talk therapy sessions, holistic healing happens throughout the day at OASIS Ascent. Our treatment programs are designed to foster a supportive, relationship-based community. Intensively trained residential staff are more than just supervisors; they become trusted mentors and guides.

    These staff members model healthy coping mechanisms and co-regulate emotions alongside your teen, helping reduce stress, and providing crucial support outside formal therapy sessions. Research highlights that most positive change stems from "extra-therapeutic factors" and strong therapeutic relationships. Our residential staff embodies this concept, creating a safe and nurturing environment where your teen can develop essential self-care skills, improve self-awareness, and build a deeper connection with peers and mentors. This foundation sets the stage for lasting growth and a full recovery.

    Helping Families Throughout The Insurance Review Process

    Our highly experienced admissions and utilization review team will assist families by completing a verification of benefits and will obtain pre-authorization from the insurance company prior to admission to ensure the family has the necessary coverage.

    Experiential Rec Therapy

    Does Holistic Treatments Work? Our Successful Treatment Outcomes Say - Yes!

    OASIS Ascent’s residential treatment program boasts impressive outcomes.

    90% of students

    Over 90% of students report feeling safe and that our program addresses their needs.

    96% Of Parents

    What's more, nearly all parents (96%) say their teen showed positive changes

    95% Of Parents

    95% of parents would recommend OASIS Ascent to other families facing similar challenges.

    A Holistic Approach to Healing: Because Every Teen Deserves to Thrive

    At OASIS Ascent, we understand that true healing goes beyond just treating symptoms. We embrace a holistic approach to wellness, recognizing that all aspects of a teen's life are interconnected and influence their mental and emotional health. Holistic healing must treat the whole person, including their:

    • Emotional & Mental Health: Our core clinical services directly address emotional and mental well-being through holistic therapies, mindfulness exercises, and building coping mechanisms.
    • Physical Health: A healthy body supports a healthy mind. Our program includes nutritional guidance, regular physical activity, and medical evaluations to ensure your teen's physical needs are met.
    • Social Health: Strong social connections are crucial for teens. We foster a supportive community within our program and equip teens with social skills to build healthy relationships outside of treatment.
    • Occupational/Financial Health: We don't ignore the future. Our program helps teens explore career interests and develop life skills that will translate into future success and financial independence.
    • Environmental/Spiritual Health: Feeling connected to something larger than oneself fosters purpose and resilience. We create a safe space for teens to explore their values, build self-compassion, and discover meaning in their lives. Improving a teen's environmental and spiritual health doesn't require finding a specific religion but rather nurturing a sense of belonging and connection to the world around them.

    By addressing each of these dimensions of wellness, we create a well-rounded program that empowers your teen to heal, grow, and thrive in all aspects of life. This comprehensive approach improves your teen's overall well-being, allowing them to move forward with confidence and hope for the future.

    Take the Next Step:

    We know this is a difficult decision, but you don't have to go through it alone. We understand that navigating the complexities of residential treatment can be confusing.

    At Oasis Ascent, We Are Here to Support You Every Step of the Way.

    Let's discuss your teen's needs and explore how our residential treatment program can help them reach their full potential.

    Why Choose OASIS Ascent for Your Teen’s Treatment

    At OASIS Ascent, we understand that every teen's journey towards healing is unique. That's why we offer a comprehensive program designed to assess the root causes of your teen's struggles, empower them with the skills they need to overcome them, and ultimately help them thrive in all dimensions of wellness. At OASIS Ascent, our goal is to help teens:

    Assess: Building a Personalized Foundation

    A mental health crisis can be overwhelming, leaving parents wondering where to begin. Our program starts with a thorough assessment process that goes beyond the surface-level mental health symptoms. Through 24/7 observation, psychological evaluations, and collaboration with a psychiatrist, we gain a deep understanding of your teen's emotional, mental, social, and physical needs. We delve further with a physical health assessment, genetic testing, and screenings for sleep, nutrition, and self-harm. This comprehensive approach allows us to identify any underlying medical conditions and tailor a treatment plan that addresses your teen's unique physical and mental makeup.

    Empower: Equipping Teens with Skills Needed for Lasting Change

    Knowledge is power, and at OASIS Ascent, we equip your teen with the skills they need to manage their struggles and build resilience. Our compassionate therapists utilize a variety of evidence-based methods, including individual, group, and family therapy sessions. We incorporate mindfulness exercises, DBT skills training, and experiential therapies to address emotional regulation, communication skills, and healthy coping mechanisms. This empowers your teen to not only navigate their current challenges but also develop a toolbox for future success.

    Thrive: A Holistic Treatment Approach to Long-Term Well-being

    Holistic healing goes beyond just treating mental health symptoms. At OASIS Ascent, we embrace a holistic treatment approach to wellness, recognizing that all aspects of a teen's life are interconnected. Our program fosters emotional and mental well-being through holistic therapy and skill development. We prioritize physical well-being with healthy meals, regular exercise, and medical support. Social skills development and a supportive community environment address social wellness. We don't ignore the importance of occupational and financial readiness, incorporating career exploration and life skills training.

    Finally, we create a space for teens to explore their values and foster a sense of purpose and connection to the world around them. By addressing each dimension of wellness, we empower your teen to move forward with confidence, resilience, and the ability to thrive in all aspects of life.

    Our holistic treatment center sets the stage for lasting change, allowing your teen and family to build a brighter future together. OASIS Ascent can be the first step on your journey towards hope and healing. Contact us today to learn how we can help your teen find healing and reach their full potential.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, OASIS Ascent provides crisis stabilization services for teens. These services are achieved through a comprehensive approach involving intensive individual, family, and group therapy sessions, as well as medication management administered by a licensed psychiatrist or advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). The program aims to help teenagers and their families attain emotional stability, while also developing essential coping mechanisms to effectively manage mental health crises.

    We serve teens from age 12 up to their 18th birthday.

    Our programs last approximately 30-90 days with an average length of stay of 50 days. In some cases, like when the teen is returning to a therapeutic program, the length of stay may be shorter.

    Oasis Ascent’s purpose is to conduct a thorough assessment and provide therapeutic services to support each teen and their family. We monitor the teen’s response to group, individual, and family therapy interventions. Responses to classroom settings and a variety of daily activities are also monitored by our staff. The comprehensive integration of the information we gather helps us to recommend treatment for both managing the current crisis, as well as recommendations for further ongoing support that may be needed.

    No, Oasis Ascent does not replace wilderness therapy programs. We are primarily considered a mental health service for highly acute teens, and maybe an alternative to wilderness, especially for those kids that may have medical or other issues that prohibit them from participating fully in wilderness therapy rigor. Our program is centered around assessment, treatment, and transition back into normal life. The average teen in our facility usually has more complicated psychiatric issues or medical issues. Understanding these issues, in addition to certain behaviors, may not be solved with wilderness therapy. Our intent is for teens to leave our program with the clearest understanding of the issues that have affected their growth, several weeks of stable engagement in the treatment services, and a detailed plan for moving forward.

    Each student will receive an initial psychiatric evaluation, and may also receive a psychological assessment if needed. Additionally, every student will receive a health & physical examination as part of the screening process. Please inquire if you have specific diagnostic/testing needs for your teen.

    A team of highly skilled professionals is working with each and every student. These professionals include licensed clinicians, psychiatrist and APRNs, along with nursing staff that can offer support 24/7. The residential team is made of highly skilled life coaches that help create structure and routine for the day. They also ensure safety, monitoring, and create lots of engaging and fun activities for teens to get excited about during their time at Oasis.

    We are available 24 hours a day to answer any of your questions and to admit students.

    OASIS Ascent has the expertise needed to help your family.


    The Joint Commission has also recognized OASIS Ascent's high-quality care standards by providing it with accreditation.


    OASIS Ascent is also fully licensed in the state of Utah.


    Choose Mental Health is changing nationally the approach to mental health for children.

    Silver RDP Seal

    Designated as a NATSAP Research Program, showing our commitment to well-researched practices in our program.


    This program is proud to be Cognia Accredited. Cognia provides accreditation to schools that have earned recognition for their reputation and high educational standards.