The OASIS Your Family Needs to Navigate Your Teen's Mental Health Crisis

Welcome to OASIS Ascent. We understand the overwhelming journey of navigating a teenager's mental health crisis. OASIS Ascent offers specialized crisis stabilization, residential treatment, and day treatment programs designed for both your teenager's well-being and your family's healing.

Explore our programs below and take the first step toward a brighter future together.

OASIS Ascent: Teen Crisis Stabilization & Assessment Done Right

The OASIS Ascent treatment center provides compassionate and caring mental health services to teens and their families in the event of a crisis. Our team of expert professionals helps families to navigate the process of rebuilding trust and improving their relationships while the teen receives intensive support in our setting.

The mission of OASIS is to provide teens and their families a place of refuge and healing along with an abundance of hope for a brighter future.

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Affordable Assessments

OASIS Ascent is an affordable resource for families who need intensive in-patient care. We work with most major insurance providers to cover the cost of treatment and also serve families who choose to pay privately.

OASIS Ascent is a 30 to 90-day program that provides intensive individual, family, and group therapy services. Teens receive a variety of assessments during their treatment including a health and physical examination, a bio-psychosocial assessment, and a psychological assessment (if needed). These assessments are utilized by the multidisciplinary treatment team to establish an individualized treatment plan that guides the teen and their family through the healing process.

Helping Families Throughout The Insurance Review Process

Our highly experienced admissions and utilization review team will assist families by completing a verification of benefits and will obtain pre-authorization from the insurance company prior to admission to ensure the family has the necessary coverage.

See Why Customers Love OASIS Ascent

We're obsessively passionate about supporting teens ... but don't take our word for it.

OASIS Ascent provided a much needed safe place for my daughter to rest and start to recover after a mental health crisis that left her in a very vulnerable place of too well for acute psychiatric care, and not stable enough for a long-term residential treatment center. She left supported by dedicated counselors and nursing staff and was given the therapeutic support and expert assessment she needed to move to long-term care. The leadership of this program are experienced, very kind and hopeful and my daugher is truly on a better path now thanks to their care.


What Does the Name OASIS Mean?

OASIS stands for Observation, Assessment, Stabilization, and Intensive Support. Our hope is for all families that received services here will feel like they have arrived at an oasis and that each of those components will be delivered on.

Observation and Assessment

Caring professionals closely observe and assess the teen as they enter OASIS Ascent to identify their individual needs. Observation and Assessment typically take the first one to two weeks of the treatment process.

OASIS Ascent uses a multidisciplinary approach to gathering information. The clinical, psychiatric, residential, and nursing teams work together to complete comprehensive assessments. The combination of current observation, assessment, historical treatment information, and diagnostic testing, help the trained professionals at OASIS Ascent to develop a clear understanding of each teen’s unique needs and help them move forward with the healing process.


Stabilization is a gradual process that will look different for each teen and their family. Teens and their families will be provided with an individualized treatment plan which includes an approximate duration for treatment along with goals and objectives which help teens and parents learn new skills and new ways of interaction.

For many teens, treatment will also include medication management. A licensed psychiatrist and/or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) will be available onsite to provide teens with the medication support they need. The medical staff will work closely with the treatment team and parents to ensure medication management needs are being met.

Intensive Support

OASIS Ascent provides intensive support for teens as they prepare to transition back to their home community or another, less restrictive treatment environment. Support services may include transition meetings with future therapists and other professionals who will provide teens and their families treatment at a lower level of care.

OASIS Asent will assist the family in determining the type of program that is best equipped to care for their teen’s needs and make the transition process as comfortable as possible.


Accredited by The Joint Commission

Families trust us with what is most precious to them: their sons and daughters. We work hard to show we are worthy of that trust. That is why we earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™. The Joint Commission accreditation is a known indicator of quality and reliability. The Joint Commission certification shows your family that we provide services you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, OASIS Ascent provides crisis stabilization services for teens. These services are achieved through a comprehensive approach involving intensive individual, family, and group therapy sessions, as well as medication management administered by a licensed psychiatrist or advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). The program aims to help teenagers and their families attain emotional stability, while also developing essential coping mechanisms to effectively manage mental health crises.

We serve teens from age 12 up to their 18th birthday.

Our programs last approximately 60-90 days with an average length of stay of 70 days. In some cases, like when the teen is returning to a therapeutic program, the length of stay may be shorter.

Oasis Ascent’s purpose is to conduct a thorough assessment and provide therapeutic services to support each teen and their family. We monitor the teen’s response to group, individual, and family therapy interventions. Responses to classroom settings and a variety of daily activities are also monitored by our staff. The comprehensive integration of the information we gather helps us to recommend treatment for both managing the current crisis, as well as recommendations for further ongoing support that may be needed.

No, Oasis Ascent does not replace wilderness therapy programs. We are primarily considered a mental health service for highly acute teens, and maybe an alternative to wilderness, especially for those kids that may have medical or other issues that prohibit them from participating fully in wilderness therapy rigor. Our program is centered around assessment, treatment, and transition back into normal life. The average teen in our facility usually has more complicated psychiatric issues or medical issues. Understanding these issues, in addition to certain behaviors, may not be solved with wilderness therapy. Our intent is for teens to leave our program with the clearest understanding of the issues that have affected their growth, several weeks of stable engagement in the treatment services, and a detailed plan for moving forward.

Each student will receive an initial psychiatric evaluation, and may also receive a psychological assessment if needed. Additionally, every student will receive a health & physical examination as part of the screening process. Please inquire if you have specific diagnostic/testing needs for your teen.

A team of highly skilled professionals is working with each and every student. These professionals include licensed clinicians, psychiatrist and APRNs, along with nursing staff that can offer support 24/7. The residential team is made of highly skilled life coaches that help create structure and routine for the day. They also ensure safety, monitoring, and create lots of engaging and fun activities for teens to get excited about during their time at Oasis.

We are available 24 hours a day to answer any of your questions and to admit students.

OASIS Ascent has the expertise needed to help your family.


The Joint Commission has also recognized OASIS Ascent's high-quality care standards by providing it with accreditation.


OASIS Ascent is also fully licensed in the state of Utah.


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Silver RDP Seal

Designated as a NATSAP Research Program, showing our commitment to well-researched practices in our program.


This program is proud to be Cognia Accredited. Cognia provides accreditation to schools that have earned recognition for their reputation and high educational standards.